Welcome to the world of Natur Tanya®!

Our dynamically developing wholesale company that is run exclusively by Hungarian owners and is dealing with manufacturing, importing and distributing organic foods, cosmetics and food supplements. 

In 1990 we fell in love with natural medicine, healthy lifestyle, plant extracts and nutrients and the love story is still going on. The reason why there has been a demand for our products in the whole country is that they are developed, produced and supervised by the best experts, and people can be sure our products are safe to use for maintaining their health. Driven by the mission to provide impeccable quality, each and every colleague of our family business venture is working on fulfilling the goal to satisfy our customers with our products and services. 

All the activities of Natur Tanya® are based on our unwavering conviction that the future of mankind as well as our health depend on the harmonious unity of body, soul and spirit and whether people can be made aware of this fact. 

Ever since its establishment at 1990, our company has always had long-term goals. We pay attention to developments taking place all over the world so that we can get acquainted with possible new benefits of plant extracts and various nutrients. Our first and foremost requirement is quality; that is why we study and specify the quality of each product and their producers before manufacturing or distribution. In this respect Natur Tanya® does not allow any compromises. 

Mankind has recognized the health benefits of natural foods, plant extracts and herbs since ancient times. Abandoning plants began after synthetic medication was contrived while neglecting nutrients started by mass production. During recent years, however, we can observe a noticeable comeback and an increasing demand. In every area of life - and health is not an exception - customers are looking for fewer chemicals nowadays, in order to find a more natural approach. That explains why there is a growing number of people - including yourself - who are interested in natural prevention and alternatives for a better quality of life. Luckily enough, modern science has a better understanding of herbs and vital nutrients today, and of the way they can be applied, as well as the limits of their use. That is what we call Natur Tanya® health. 

Live with nature! Natur Tanya®